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Welcome to New Life Apostolic Church. We're an Apostolic, Pentecostal church in Jackson, Mississippi. At New Life people are being healed, delivered, baptized in Jesus name, and filled with the Holy Ghost! If you're ever in Jackson, Mississippi and want to attend an Apostolic, Pentecostal service--come visit us at New Life! 

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April 20 - Easter

10 am Service Only - Candy Rain

Schedule of Services and Prayer

Sunday - 9:30am Prayer / 10:00am Sunday School
Sunday - 5:30pm Prayer / 6:00pm Service
Tuesday - 10:00am Ladies Prayer
Wednesday - 6:30pm Prayer / 7:00pm Service
Saturday - 10:00am Prayer

Sermons by: Bro. Myron Schilling
The Bride
Loving God's Order

Special Singing:
It Happened to Me - Soloist: Sis. Marcella McKay
God Said It, That Settles It - Soloist: Sis. Marcella McKay
The Drinking Song - Soloist: Sis. Marcella McKay
Look Up - Soloist: Sis. Marcella McKay
What You Took From Me - Soloist: Sis. Bonnie Hankins
Alabaster Box - Soloist: Sis. Melody Barnett

Pastor Myron and Debby Schilling

If you're looking for: ...then you've come to the right place. Be blessed by anointed, apostolic preaching. This demonstration of God's power is a result of faith in the Word that became flesh - JESUS!

   Quotes from the Pastor...

Technology cannot change Him!

Change is not change unless it will stay changed!

My faith is taking me someplace!