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Welcome to New Life Apostolic Church. We're an Apostolic, Pentecostal church in Jackson, Mississippi. At New Life people are being healed, delivered, baptized in Jesus name, and filled with the Holy Ghost! If you're ever in Jackson, Mississippi and want to attend an Apostolic, Pentecostal service--come visit us at New Life! 

December Calendar

New Convert classes - Tuesday night - 7pm

Dec 21, Sunday, 6 pm - Christmas Play
Dec 23, Tuesday, 7 pm - Midweek Service
Dec 24, Wednesday - No Midweek Service
Dec 28, Sunday, 6 pm - Soup Supper

Sermons by: Bro. Myron Schilling
Where are You Going?
Watch; He's Coming
Sounding the Alarm
It's Decision Time

Special Music
When I Think About the Lord - Soloist: Sis. Melody Barnett
Do You Believe
- Soloist: Sis. Marcella McKay
Stay on Board - Soloist: Sis. Marcella McKay
Sweet Liberty - By: Bro. Tony Roberts

I Still Can't Find the Words - By: Bro. Tony Roberts
I Can't Find the Words - By: Bro. Tony Roberts
When You Say Jesus You've Said It All - By: Bro. Tony Roberts
Bloodline - By: New Life

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...then you've come to the right place.   Be blessed by anointed, apostolic preaching.  This demonstration of God's power is a result of faith in the Word that became flesh - JESUS!

Quotes from the Pastor...

Technology cannot change Him!

Change is not change unless it will stay changed!

My faith is taking me someplace!